3 of the Best Joey Diaz Podcast Appearances!



Former drug dealer and convict, turned standup comedian and podcaster Joey Diaz, has put in legendary appearances on several differrent podcasts as a guest. Joey is the creator of some of the funniest moments in podcasting history and here are 3 of our favourites…

1. What is it? Ice House Chronicles 48

Why should I listen? Joey kills it in this hilarious episode of the Ice House Chronicles, a podcast broadcast from the back room of the Ice House comedy club in California. featuring some of the biggest names connected with the Deathsquad podcasting scene. An all-time great episode!

Length? 2 hrs 40

Link? Youtube – 

Audio – POW!


2. What is it? Getting Doug With High – Joey Coco Diaz

Why should I listen? Joey does what Joey does best, with notorious pothead comedian Doug Benson. Joey and Doug talk about Joey’s first time smoking weed, doing standup comedy, Doug’s other podcast Doug Loves Movies, smoking in public, Colorado weed, a movie Joey was in called Grudge Match and more, whilst consuming many, many grams of cannabis.

Length? 43 mins,

Link? YouTube (Definitely best viewed, not just listened to!) – 

Audio – Click HERE!


3. What is it? Ice House Chronicles 5

Why should I listen? Another great podcast episode from the back room of the Ice House comedy club. Another stacked lineup of guests on this episode. The first time Joey is recorded, telling his legendary Lucy Snorebush story.

Length? Part 1 – 2 hrs 58, part 2 (Doesn’t feature Joey!) – 1 hr 13.

Link? YouTube – Part 1 – 

Part 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gE2DPr2Yqzg

Audio – Part 1 – POW! Part 2 – POW!