3 of the Best Tim Ferriss Show Episodes!



Tim Ferriss, is an author, life hacker, ‘blogger and podcaster, most famous for his ‘Four Hour’ series of best-selling books. In 2013, after appearing on several other podcasts as a guest, hr started his own, called the Tim Ferriss Show. Tim has a huge variety of really cool guests (Including some massive names) on his show and ‘aims to break down their learning process’ through thoughtful questions, some general, some individually tailored. The Tim Ferriss Show is only about 120 episodes deep (At the time of writing this), but here are 3 of our favourite episodes so far…


1. What is it? Tim Ferriss Show ‘Rick Rubin, the Seclusive Zen Master’.

Why should I listen? Music producer Rick Rubin has worked with a massive amount of successful artists in genres from metal to hip hop to pop, over the last 20 years plus. Tim joins Rick in a sauna (As you do) to record this conversation on getting the best out of different people, problem solving, Rick’s rapid weight loss and lifestyle changes and more. Rick is an intriguing individual and this episode makes for interesting listening!

Length? 1 hr 20.

Link? The Tim Ferriss Show is currently an audio-only podcast. Click HERE for this episode.


2. What is it? Tim Ferriss Show ep. 60 – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Why should I listen? It’s fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie and Tim talk about loads of subjects in this packed interview, including Arnold’s life so far, from very humble beginnings in Austria to the present, how he is so disciplined, his tactics on beating his opponents in various fields, how he made his first millions, and more. Arnie is fascinating and Tim really gets a lot out of him. Definitely worth your time!

Length? 1 hr 17.

Link? Audio only. POW!


3. What is it? Tim Ferriss Show ep’s. 37 and 38 – Tony Robbins

Why should I listen? A two-parter with author, businessman and motivational speaker Tony Robbins. The two talk about everything from Tony’s work as a performance coach to some of the most famous people in the world, to many different aspects of business, to Tony’s latest book about personal finance. A great interview with the always entertaining Tony Robbins.

Length? Ep. 37 – 1 hr 8, ep. 38 – 59 mins.

Link? Both parts are audio only. HERE‘s a link to both.