Check Out These 3 Great Bryan Callen Show Episodes!


Before the hugely successful Fighter and The Kid, actor and comedian Bryan Callen hosted another regular podcast called the Bryan Callen Show. This is such a great podcast with a unique reason you should listen. Rather than interviewing celebrities or people from the acting or comedy worlds, Bryan, along with academic and author Hunter Maats, interview ‘some of the great thinkers of our time’. These are usually authors or academics, some have new books out at the time of interview and others just come on to spread their ideas or results from research. After a long hiatus, the Bryan Callen show is back, releasing new episodes! Here are 3 of our favourite episodes so far…

1. What is it? Bryan Callen Show ep 176 w/ Howard G. Buffett and Howard W. Buffett

Why should I listen? Billionaire Warren Buffett’s son and grandson talk about how ol’ Warren gave them the small sum of a billion dollars and told them to go out and fix world hunger. Howard G. and Howard W. talk about the book they wrote, 40 Chances and what they’ve learned from looking at the issue of world hunger.

Length? 1 hr 4

Link? Audio only. POW!

2. What is it? Bryan Callen Show ep. 105  w/ Dan O’Brien

Why should I listen? Dan O’Brien wrote a book called How To Fight Presidents – Defending Yourself Against The Badasses Who Ran This Country. This book does what it says on the cover;  it looks at all of the dead U.S. Presidents and breaks down how useful they would be in a fight. Dan, Bryan and Hunter have an animated, hilarious discussion about which President was the baddest ass.

Length? 1 hr 4

Link? Audio only. POW!

3. What is it? Bryan Callen Show ep. 147 w/ Vanessa Tyson

Why should I listen? This is the first in a series of interviews with a really interesting professor named Vanessa Tyson. Bryan, Hunter and Vanessa talk about different aspects of the black experience in America, the education system, learning and more, in these insightful interviews.

Length? 1 hr 4 (Again!)

Link? Audio only podcast. POW!