Podcasts of The Month! November 2015



The last Friday of every month, we publish recommendations of a few podcast episodes, released in the previous 30 days (Or so!), with just a couple of lines about each. There are so many great episodes released every month, that we can’t write articles fast enough! This is one way to stem the flow of awesome episodes flying past under-noticed. Here are our podcasts of the month for November 2015!


What is it? Joe Rogan Experience ep. Randall Carlson & Graham Hancock

Why should I listen? Ancient history and geology expert Randall Carlson and author and journalist Graham Hancock come together on an all-time classic JRE to talk about their recent research trip to Central America to study geological evidence and to talk about Graham’s new book, Magicians of The Gods. Amazing episode!

Length? 3 hrs 13.

Link? YouTube video for this episode can be found HERE (And it’s one of those JRE’s worth watching as well as listening to!)

Audio-only link for this episode HERE!

HERE’s a link to more on Magicians of the Gods.

HERE’s a link to another article of ours on Randall Carlson’s first appearance on the JRE (Another classic JRE episode!)


2. What is it? The Cephalopodcast Ep. 11 – Monopoly.

Why should I listen? We’re err… Not quite sure what to say about this. We were introduced by a follower to the Cephalopodcast and gave a listen to this episode. On one level, this is a sad individual with a microphone, putting on a terrible voice (Although we must admit, we’ve never heard a giant squid talk – That could be bang on) and talking about strange topics. On another level, this is an amazing breakdown of how monopolies can be used for better or worse in our society, that’s well-produced and funny. Make up your own mind!

Length? 13 mins.

Link? The Cephalopodcast is an audio-only podcast. Click HERE to listen to this episode.


3. What is it? Pirate Life ep. 42 – Kyle Noke

Why should I listen? Modern renaissance man Tait Fletcher has really cranked up the gears on his podcast lately and is joined by Australian UFC athlete Kyle Noke on this episode. Tait and Kyle talk about Kyle’s time working with the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, surfing, Kyle’s fight which took place at UFC 193 and more.

Length? 1 hr 2.

Link?  Pirate Life is an audio only podcast. HERE‘s the link to this episode!