Atlantis, Mammoths & More in One of Best Joe Rogan Experience Podcasts!


Joe Rogan Experience 501 w/ Randall Carlson – In Depth


The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the biggest podcasts in the world. Joe has had guests from many different backgrounds and professions on his podcast and one of his most fascinating guests has been Randall Carlson. Randall Carlson is an architect, geologist and geometrist, amongst other things, with particular interests in ancient history and geology. Episode 505 of the JRE was Randall’s first episode as a guest.

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Every Best of Redban video!



Over the last couple of years, the Joe Rogan Experience’s YouTube channel, PowerfulJRE (LINK!) has released the occasional ‘best of’ video compilation, of funny moments from some of the regular guests on the podcast. Before Joe’s Youtube account started producing these videos, fans of the podcast were making their own. Some of the most famous of these were uploaded by THIS YouTube account and feature moments from the JRE’s original producer, Deathsquad podcast network founder, stand-up comic and all-round silly goose, Brian Redban. Here are the ‘Best of Redban’ videos, uploaded by YouTube account Brandon Farley (Formerly known as MischiefMaker37) in chronological order…

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Podcasts of The Month! September 2015

One Friday a month, we publish an article with a few podcast episode recommendations from the previous month, with just a couple of lines about each. There are so many great episodes released every month, that we can’t write articles fast enough! This is one way to stem the flow of awesome episodes flying past under-noticed. Here are our podcasts of the month!

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