Fascinating Story of the Real Spartacus in New History Podcast!

History on Fire 2 – The Slave Wars (Part 2: Spartacus) – In Depth


History on Fire is author, history professor and podcaster Daniele Bolelli’s new podcast. History on Fire is a podcast that sets out to make history exciting by telling the stories from the most epic times humanity has ever lived through. The first subject tackled by Daniele in History on Fire is the rebellions against Roman rule, which were organised by Roman slaves, in the first century BC. The most famous of these was led by the mythical slave army leader Spartacus. Episode two of History on Fire tells the real Spartacus’ story.

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Atlantis, Mammoths & More in One of Best Joe Rogan Experience Podcasts!


Joe Rogan Experience 501 w/ Randall Carlson – In Depth


The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the biggest podcasts in the world. Joe has had guests from many different backgrounds and professions on his podcast and one of his most fascinating guests has been Randall Carlson. Randall Carlson is an architect, geologist and geometrist, amongst other things, with particular interests in ancient history and geology. Episode 505 of the JRE was Randall’s first episode as a guest.

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