Three Hilarious Joey Diaz Podcast Highlights!



Former drug dealer/addict, turned comedian and podcaster Joey Diaz is the owner of some of the funniest moments ever recorded, in podcast history. There have been many classic Joey moments, be it on his own podcast or as a guest on other peoples’. Here are 3 of our all-time favourite Joey clips…

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Sex, Drugs and Meditation in Three Great Bertcasts!



The Bertcast is stand-up comedian and TV host Bert Kreischer’s podcast. Bert has guests on his show, from all over the comedy and podcasting worlds, and he’s churned out some really cool episodes. Bert’s podcasts are really raw and unedited, giving them a genuine feel of just being a fly on the wall, listening to Bert and a friend at their most natural. Here are 3 of our favourite Bertcasts!

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