Check Out These 3 Great Bryan Callen Show Episodes!


Before the hugely successful Fighter and The Kid, actor and comedian Bryan Callen hosted another regular podcast called the Bryan Callen Show. This is such a great podcast with a unique reason you should listen. Rather than interviewing celebrities or people from the acting or comedy worlds, Bryan, along with academic and author Hunter Maats, interview ‘some of the great thinkers of our time’. These are usually authors or academics, some have new books out at the time of interview and others just come on to spread their ideas or results from research. After a long hiatus, the Bryan Callen show is back, releasing new episodes! Here are 3 of our favourite episodes so far…

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3 of the Best Tim Ferriss Show Episodes!



Tim Ferriss, is an author, life hacker, ‘blogger and podcaster, most famous for his ‘Four Hour’ series of best-selling books. In 2013, after appearing on several other podcasts as a guest, hr started his own, called the Tim Ferriss Show. Tim has a huge variety of really cool guests (Including some massive names) on his show and ‘aims to break down their learning process’ through thoughtful questions, some general, some individually tailored. The Tim Ferriss Show is only about 120 episodes deep (At the time of writing this), but here are 3 of our favourite episodes so far…

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Special Forces UFC Fighter in hilarious episode of FATK!


Fighter and the Kid – Tim Kennedy – In Depth


Hit comedy/MMA podcast the Fighter and the Kid is hosted by former mixed martial arts fighter Brendan Schaub and comedian and actor Bryan Callen. Some episodes are with just the two of them and others, they have on a guest. One such guest episode was a special episode, recorded in Texas, with special forces soldier, business owner and MMA fighter Tim Kennedy.

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Antonopoulos talks Bitcoin in 2015, in great London Real ep!


London Real – Andreas Antonopoulos – In Depth

London Real is hosted by former City banker, turned podcaster, Brian Rose. On his show he interviews all kinds of guests, from former boxing champion Chris Eubank, to futurologist Jaque Fresco,from his studio in London. This episode features Andreas Antonopoulos as a guest. Andreas is a computer scientist and entrepreneur, turned unofficial spokesman for the disruptive online currency Bitcoin.

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Ari Shaffir Interviews 9/11 Survivor in All-time Great Podcast Episode


Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank ep. 235 – First Responder w/ Cris Italia – In Depth


Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic  Tank is comedian Ari Shaffir’s podcast. Each episode, Ari talks to a guest about a specific topic and this episode was with Cris Italia, now a comedy club owner, who was a volunteer with a New York volunteer ambulance service whilst the 9/11 terror attacks took place in New York. This episode is so important, we couldn’t let it fade into obscurity without writing about it.  

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Chris Ryan Interviews a Different Kinda Guest!


Tangentially Speaking 121 –  Murphy Pelot – In Depth


Tangentially Speaking is a podcast hosted by author and podcaster Chris Ryan, PhD, where he has a real mixed-bag of guests, from a range of backgrounds, talking about a wide range of subjects. This particular episode of Tangentially Speaking is an interview with an unusual, but very interesting guest and it’s definitely worth your time.

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Tim Ferriss Interviews Business A-Listers on Their Success!


3 Awesome Tim Ferriss Show Episodes For Business!


Interested in the world of business? Author, TV show host, investor, etcetera Tim Ferriss is brilliant at producing podcast episodes that ‘break down the learning process’ of people who are leaders in all sorts of fields. Here are 3 great episodes of the Tim Ferriss Show that feature big name guests from the world of business…

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