Antonopoulos talks Bitcoin in 2015, in great London Real ep!


London Real – Andreas Antonopoulos – In Depth

London Real is hosted by former City banker, turned podcaster, Brian Rose. On his show he interviews all kinds of guests, from former boxing champion Chris Eubank, to futurologist Jaque Fresco,from his studio in London. This episode features Andreas Antonopoulos as a guest. Andreas is a computer scientist and entrepreneur, turned unofficial spokesman for the disruptive online currency Bitcoin.

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Tim Ferriss Interviews Business A-Listers on Their Success!


3 Awesome Tim Ferriss Show Episodes For Business!


Interested in the world of business? Author, TV show host, investor, etcetera Tim Ferriss is brilliant at producing podcast episodes that ‘break down the learning process’ of people who are leaders in all sorts of fields. Here are 3 great episodes of the Tim Ferriss Show that feature big name guests from the world of business…

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