Three Great Dean Delray Podcast Appearances!



Comedian, actor and podcaster Dean Delray has been on a number of different podcasts as a guest, to talk about his experiences from 15 years playing in a successful band, his new life as one of the hardest working comedians around and much more. Dean hosts his own podcast called Let There Be Talk, but in this article we’re focusing on some of his great appearances as a guest on other peoples’ podcasts. Here are three of our favourite Dean Delray podcast appearances!

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Lee From The Church and Jamie From The JRE Talk The Podcast Industry!


Flying Jew Radio 7 – Jamie Vernon – In Depth

Flying Jew Radio is producer and podcaster Lee Syatt’s podcast. After a couple of years of producing and co-hosting comedian Joey Diaz’ podcast, the Church of What’s Happening Now, Lee now hosts this podcast and has a perhaps surprisingly interesting range of guests, for someone who’s not a traditional ‘celebrity’. Episode 7 of Flying Jew Radio features an insightful interview with Jamie Vernon, the producer of the Joe Rogan Experience.

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