Introducing – The Pitch



The Pitch is an interesting take on the overcrowded ‘business podcast’ marketplace. In these short (Around 20 minute) episodes, a founder of a business ‘pitches’ a group of real-world business investors to see whether or not they’d like to invest in said business. The Pitch is essentially the podcast version of (Insert your country’s TV show where founders pitch to investors) and this new podcast is pulling it off.


The Pitch is good at making the listener feel like they’re a fly on the wall of a ‘real’ meeting between both parties. You get to hear the different businesses backgrounds and origins, current states and their plans for the future as they try to impress each episode’s panel of investors. The episodes are well-produced and more than listenable, with clear, leveled audio and appropriate background tracks that fade in and out without being invasive.


The businesses themselves are often interesting and the founders entertaining. This also goes for the different investors who’ve been on the show, who range from people wanting to make their second ever investment, through to people who have invested in 20 or more businesses. This obviously helps as a podcast can be as shiny and well-produced as it wants, but if the content itself isn’t great, nothing can save it. Two episodes we particularly enjoyed were THIS ONE about Havenly, an interior design business and THIS ONE about Dollar Beard Club, a business offering beard care products.


A final good thing about The Pitch is their attractive, easy-to-navigate website. Click HERE to go to The Pitch’s website and their episodes should pop right up. The Pitch is a breath of fresh air to the business podcast genre and we’re excited to see the development of this cool new podcast.