PR Monthly Update 2!

These ‘blog entries will hopefully chronicle the journey of this site. We’ll try to mention a few little detail points every month and talk about lessons we’ve learned along the way. These ‘blogs are obviously for whoever reads them, but they’re meant especially for people trying to get their own projects off the ground. Learn from our (Probably) many, many mistakes! Let’s start this update off with some numbers…


In our second month, we had over 700 pageviews from over 450 unique visitors and we released 12 articles. Whilst visitors to the site were down, number of views per visitor rose last month, from around 1.35 views per visitor in our first month, to around 1.55 views per visitor. We think this is purely because we almost doubled the amount of content on the site last month, with us being so new. Our three most popular articles during the last month were:

3 – Podcasts of the Month! October 2015

2 – Every Best of Redban Video!

1 – Atlantis, Mammoths & More in One of Best Joe Rogan Experience Podcasts!


As we released the Every Best Of Redban Video article late into our first month, it kept getting views all the way through October, so makes it back into our top 3. The other two articles in this month’s top three have something in common, in that they were both retweeted by people with large followings. Our Podcasts of the Month article featured an awesome episode of Your Mom’s House, which co-host Tom Segura kindly retweeted. Our article at number one this month, about Randall Carlson’s first Joe Rogan Experience episode, was retweeted by Randall himself. At this early stage of our website, we guess this shows the value of favors from people with large followings. These people don’t have to retweet our articles and when they do, it really is a massive help to get eyeballs on pages. We’ve also had retweets from other people with significant followings including Bert Kreischer (See our article on 3 Great Bertcasts HERE) and Dean Delray (See our article on 3 Awesome Dean Delray Podcast Appearances HERE). 


Our Twitter following went up by around 55% last month, which is great, but somewhat expected as we’re only 2 months old. In last month’s blog we talked about how we were going to get a Facebook page off the ground, over the course of this month. That absolutely did not happen. We paid very little attention to Facebook this month and have just focused on getting content out. We figure that it’s best over the long term, that there’s a lot of content on the site when people do find it, rather than spending time chasing people to view a site with not a lot of content on it right now and not writing articles.


Getting eyes on our content via Facebook is a priority of ours, however with the limited time that we have to spend on this project, we’ve really just been able to keep up with our Twitter fanbase and keep putting articles out. So over the next month, in order to try and balance the time we have better, we’re going to decrease the number of articles we put out, slightly. We’re going to use the time saved there, to share a few more of our existing articles on relevant Facebook groups and to conduct further research into which of our articles are popular and why.


We wish we had something to offer; a little morsal of advice or a great product recommendation, to round this month’s blog off, but nothing immediately springs to mind. We hope that these entries will simply serve as a record of either our rise to a certain level of popularity, or our failure and that someone who’s starting some sort of web project in future will see them and learn from what we’re writing here. We’re still at such a small scale, we love seeing each and every share and pageview of our content and we’d love it if you’d tell someone interested in any aspect of podcasting, about Podcasts Reviewed. Hopefully we’ll have more to tell you about than just stats next month!


Thank for reading,