Three Great Ask Gary Vee Shows!

Hugely successful entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk hosts a podcast and YouTube vlog called the Ask Gary Vee show where he answers questions from his followers on social media. Gary’s refreshingly straight-forward and entertaining style make these short episodes not ones to miss! Here are three of our favourite episodes of the Ask Gary Vee Show so far!..


What is it? Ask Gary Vee Show ep. 17

Why should I listen? Gary is asked about which social media platform he would use for marketing, if he could only use one and gives a really clever answer when asked why he ‘drops the F bomb’ so much.

Length? 12 mins.

Link? Video – 

Audio-only version HERE!


What is it? Ask Gary Vee Show ep. 118

Why should I listen? Gary’s father Sasha joins the Ask Gary Vee Show, eats cheese and crackers throughout and cares precisely 0% that he’s being recorded. He talks about being an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, how Gary is special and the two even get round to answering questions like ‘How do you ‘level up’ the five people you’re around most’.

Length? 26 mins.

Link? Video – 

Audio-only version HERE!


What is it? Ask Gary Vee Show ep. 158

Why should I listen? A bizarre episode where Gary loses it slightly at being asked ‘Is it wise to create an app or website to solve a problem, even if I don’t know how to monetize it yet?’, decides to open a pop-up shop selling porridge in New Jersey, at a month’s notice, with some of his staff (No, really) then runs out of questions, so fields a few from his staff instead.  

Length? 29 mins.

Link? Video – 

Audio-only version HERE