Fascinating Story of the Real Spartacus in New History Podcast!

History on Fire 2 – The Slave Wars (Part 2: Spartacus) – In Depth


History on Fire is author, history professor and podcaster Daniele Bolelli’s new podcast. History on Fire is a podcast that sets out to make history exciting by telling the stories from the most epic times humanity has ever lived through. The first subject tackled by Daniele in History on Fire is the rebellions against Roman rule, which were organised by Roman slaves, in the first century BC. The most famous of these was led by the mythical slave army leader Spartacus. Episode two of History on Fire tells the real Spartacus’ story.


In this episode, Daniele tells the story of Spartacus’ background and family life, the Cult of Dionysus’ affect on Spartacus’ life and the problems it caused Rome, the origins and first days of Spartacus’ rebellion, Spartacus’ first major battle and the growth of his and fellow slave rebel Crixus’ armies, Spartacus’ progress through southern and central Italy, Crixus’ defeat, Crassus (One of the richest men in Rome at the time) coming to battle Spartacus, Spartacus’ attempted escape to Sicily, Spartacus’ last evasion of Crassus and the other generals hunting him down, Spartacus’ final battle and his death (Which doesn’t involve crucifixion!)


Whilst History on Fire is only two episodes in at the time of writing this article, we’ve taken the chance on writing it due to the sustained badassery of Daniele’s other podcast, The Drunken Taoist. This episode is an exciting, enthralling look into the historical Spartacus, all whilst managing to be educational. After listening to this episode, we know way more about Spartacus and the Slave Wars than when we went in and we’re left clamoring for more episodes of History on Fire. We’re excited to see which story from history Daniele will tackle next!


Length? 2 hrs 21.

Link? History on Fire is an audio-only podcast. Click HERE for a link to episode 2!