Podcasts of the Month! October 2015



The last Friday of every month, we publish recommendations of a few podcast episodes, released in the previous 30 days (Or so!), with just a couple of lines about each. There are so many great episodes released every month, that we can’t write articles fast enough! This is one way to stem the flow of awesome episodes flying past under-noticed. Here are our podcasts of the month for October 2015!


1. What is it? Your Mom’s House 314

Why should I listen? An amazing episode of Your Mom’s House. Married comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky produce one of the strangest podcasts around and their recent fascination is a man named Diego (A.K.A. Thursday Lane) who has a white male fart fetish. YMH 314 features a telephone interview with the man himself!

Length? 1 hr 45.

Link? Your Mom’s House is an audio-only podcast. Click HERE for a link to this episode!


2. What is it? Tim Ferriss Show – Jocko Willink

Why should I listen? Former Navy SEAL and current gym owner and author Jocko Willink gives his first real interview to Tim. Jocko was the leader of one of the most active units in the Navy SEALS during the Iraq war and he and Tim talk about his experiences there, leadership and more, as well as Tim’s usual questions he likes to ask guests. Packed full of quoteables!

Length? 2 hrs 43.

Link? The Tim Ferriss Show is currently an audio-only podcast –  Click HERE for this episode!


3. What is it? The Duncan Trussell Family Hour – Aubrey Marcus

Why should I listen? Comedian, podcaster and part-time Buddhist scholar Duncan Trussell opens this episode of his podcast up with a classic anti-war monologue. This episode’s interview is with businessman and podcaster Aubrey Marcus. Duncan and Aubrey talk about Aubrey’s most recent round of psychedelic use and more! 

Length? 1 hr 44.

Link? The Duncan Trussell Family Hour is an audio-only podcast. Click HERE for this episode!