Special Forces UFC Fighter in hilarious episode of FATK!


Fighter and the Kid – Tim Kennedy – In Depth


Hit comedy/MMA podcast the Fighter and the Kid is hosted by former mixed martial arts fighter Brendan Schaub and comedian and actor Bryan Callen. Some episodes are with just the two of them and others, they have on a guest. One such guest episode was a special episode, recorded in Texas, with special forces soldier, business owner and MMA fighter Tim Kennedy.


As you’d expect of a guy involved in heavy combat in the cage and on battlefields, Tim’s a badass. Yet, as this episode shows, he’s also an eloquent, thoughtful, funny guy and a great podcast guest. Tim fits right into the silly dynamic of the Fighter and the Kid and on this, his first FATK appearance, goes topless, jumps up on the table, sodomises poor Evan The Beard (The show’s producer) and more. Whilst being a very silly goose, Tim also manages to give really honest insight into some of his experiences and views, during the interview.


On this episode, Brendan, Bryan and Tim talk about hunting, Tim’s mindset whilst he was in the military, PTSD, the bond between soldiers in a unit and professional fighters in a team, performance enhancing drugs, the Reebok UFC sponsorship deal, MMA fight mentality vs war mentality, which 3 guns Tim would choose to defend himself with in the zombie apocalypse (Seriously) and more.


This is an entertaining and inspirational episode with an engaging guest. Bryan and Brendan are awesome as always and Tim, despite having very serious professions, suits the Fighter and the Kid’s silly but interesting vibe well. A fantastic episode of a fantastic podcast!


Length? 1 hr 55.

Link? Youtube (Worth watching!) – 

Audio-only version HERE!