Overcoming Failure & Growth Mindset in Great Bryan Callen Show Episode!


Bryan Callen Show ep. 137 w/ Carol Dweck – In Depth


The Bryan Callen Show is a podcast hosted by comedian, actor and podcaster Bryan Callen and author and academic Hunter Maats. The two interview people who they describe as ‘leaders of thought’ in their respective fields and talk with them about their work. Episode 137 of the Bryan Callen Show features professor and author Carol Dweck, of Stanford University and Bryan and Hunter talk to her about her book Mindset – The New Psychology of Success.


In the interview, Bryan, Hunter and Carol talk mostly about how different people react to failure, getting over failures and the difference between a ‘fixed’ and a ‘growth’ mindset. Carol is someone who obviously has a lot of knowledge on this particular area of psychology but she’s very good at breaking down the concepts she’s talking about simply. This is a valuable, insightful podcast episode that is definitely worth your time. 


The Bryan Callen Show was once a regular, weekly show, that went on hiatus for a while, given the rapid success of one of Bryan’s other podcasts, the Fighter and the Kid. The Bryan Callen show now releases episodes sporadically. The Fighter and the Kid is a great podcast and a phenomenal success and we understand why Bryan, who must have a jam-packed schedule, has cut down on the number of Bryan Callen show in order to do his other podcasts, along with acting and comedy work. But Bryan is one of a tiny group of people who is well-read, well-connected and entertaining enough to make a podcast with such ‘leaders of thought’ happen. We hope that he and Hunter will keep releasing the occasional episode and that we’ll hear more Bryan Callen Show episodes like this one with Carol Dweck in future. Ep. 137 of the Bryan Callen Show might even make it into our ‘top 20′ list of favourite podcast episodes of all time!


Length? 51 mins.

Link? The Bryan Callen Show is an audio-only podcast. Click HERE for a link to the episode.