Three Hilarious Joey Diaz Podcast Highlights!



Former drug dealer/addict, turned comedian and podcaster Joey Diaz is the owner of some of the funniest moments ever recorded, in podcast history. There have been many classic Joey moments, be it on his own podcast or as a guest on other peoples’. Here are 3 of our all-time favourite Joey clips…


1. What is it? The Lucy Snorebush Story (From the Ice House Chronicles ep. 5)

Why should I listen? Have you ever gone out, got fucked up and on the way home, climbed a ladder into an acquaintance’s house, given her oral sex, then left? Thought not… Bert Kreischer’s reaction to this story is also priceless.


Video credit – PodcastBits on Youtube.


2. What is it? Joey sells cocaine to Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and Ricky Martin

Why should I listen? Joey describes the process of selling cocaine to people, including Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and Ricky Martin, in his own special way.


Video credit – PowerfulJRE (The Joe Rogan Experience’s official account!) on Youtube.


3. What is it? The first, original national anthem rant (From Church of What’s Happening Now ep. 47)

Why should I listen? One of our favourite podcast moments, ever. Joey goes off to the American national anthem. ‘LOOK AT YASELF IN THE MIRRA YA PATHETIC SACK A’ SHIT’!


Video credit – TheGuanche88 on YouTube.