Atlantis, Mammoths & More in One of Best Joe Rogan Experience Podcasts!


Joe Rogan Experience 501 w/ Randall Carlson – In Depth


The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the biggest podcasts in the world. Joe has had guests from many different backgrounds and professions on his podcast and one of his most fascinating guests has been Randall Carlson. Randall Carlson is an architect, geologist and geometrist, amongst other things, with particular interests in ancient history and geology. Episode 505 of the JRE was Randall’s first episode as a guest.


On this episode, Joe and Randall mainly discuss changes to the planet whilst modern humans have been around, the Turkish ancient historical monument of Gobekli Tepe, periods of global warming and cooling, Atlantis, climate change, the extinction of the Wooly Mammoth, mammal extinction in the last ice age, lake formation in the northern US, how early Bible passages might actually conflate to real ancient historical events, ancient monuments and evidence of massive climate change and catastrophic events in the past.


This is one of the Joe Rogan Experience episodes that is worth watching, as well as listening to, as Randall comes prepared to this episode with all sorts of graphs and photographs of all of his various talking points. The way Randall has accumulated knowledge in several different fields and links that knowledge together in an entertaining but not condescending way is perhaps the crux of what makes him such a good guest.


Guests like Randall Carlson and podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience are what make podcasting great. Somebody like Randall would never get 3 hours on a TV station to talk about controversial ides to do with ancient history and geology, yet thanks to the JRE, Randall’s ideas and his enthusiasm for his area of study are able to be heard, any time. Joe has produced some all-time greats during his nearly 800 episodes (At the time of writing) and this episode is up there with the very best of the Joe Rogan Experience!


Length? 2 hrs 56.

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