PR Monthly Update 1 – The First Month of Our Website!

These ‘blog entries will hopefully chronicle the journey of this site. We’ll try to mention a few little detail points every month and talk about lessons we’ve learned along the way. This one is longer than the average length of these posts, just because we have so much to report! First off, let’s give out some numbers. 


We had over 1150 pageviews from over 850 visitors last month and we released our first 16 articles. Our most popular articles in our launch month were:

3 – Sex, Drugs and Meditation in Three Great Bertcasts! 

2 – Every Best of Redban video!

1 – Sam Harris & Dan Carlin Talk North Korea, ISIS & More!


These are three of the more inflammatory titles that we’ve given our articles. People must like a juicy headline! Our article on the Sam Harris/Dan Carlin simulcast was by far and away our most popular article, recieving more views than our second and third most popular articles, put together. We think this is mostly due to Dan Carlin kindly retweeting our article. We’re for ever indebted!


We’ve had retweets of our articles from other people with large followings including Lee Syatt of Flying Jew Radio (Click HERE for our first article on his podcast), Chris Ryan of Tangentially Speaking (Click HERE for our article), Joe DeFranco of the Industrial Strength Show (Click HERE for our article) and Brian Redban for our article listed at number 2. Interestingly, our article on three great Bertcasts got a lot of views, despite not getting a retweet from anyone with a large following (As of writing this article). Perhaps proof again that sex and drugs attract eyeballs!


We’ve also had nice interactions with Daniele Bolelli of The Drunken Taoist and History on Fire (Many articles on both forthcoming!), John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire (See our article mentioning them HERE) amongst many others. Just because we’ve shouted out these people with bigger followings doesn’t mean we don’t truly appreciate anyone who helps us to get our content seen, of course. Thank you to each and every one of you.


So, this project launched on 12th September and this is our first monthly update. We had talked about setting up a website similar to this for around 6 months before launch. We had written about 20 articles before launch and had saved them up as a buffer zone, in case we didn’t have time to write articles once we launched. We’re currently only a 2-man team, we both work regular jobs and we weren’t sure how much time things like social media and tinkering with the look of the site, were going to take. In retrospect, this was one of the things we got right about the launch of Podcasts Reviewed.


Our main promotional tool right now is Twitter. We never want to become one of those accounts that tweets 20 times a day, but we don’t want to be strangers either. We started tweeting about a week before launch, just using simple hashtags and engaging with accounts as promotion. Again, at the same time, we’re not out to bother people. Looking back, we perhaps could have started tweeting about our launch a little before we did, but you live and learn. We have a Facebook page that we’re also starting to create more specialised content for, that we hope to push this month. So far, we haven’t paid for any advertising.


We’re using WordPress as the builder for this site and we’re currently using a free layout (Or ‘theme’) from them. We think that our articles could be better presented with a different layout as right now, one article takes up a lot of page space and that’s something we hope to change in future. The technical web design side of things, particularly to do with WordPress layouts and functionality, is somewhat of a pain point for us right now, as neither of us are particularly knowledgeable in this area. 


We’re using a simple red, black and white colour scheme at the minute. We decided on those colours for a pretty silly reason. We live in the UK and a lot of the tabloid newspapers that sell well here have red, black and white colour schemes, so we thought we’d copy. Maybe the contrasting colours make people notice our articles that little bit more on Twitter. Who knows.


One thing we think we’ve done kind of well is the ads for our articles. Both of us have written for other sites before and have seen previous mistakes. We create a little JPG picture file for each article and attach it to a tweet. If the article is about someone specific’s podcast, we’ll include their handle but we never tweet the same ad more than twice in an article’s first week. It comes back to our principle of not bothering people, especially since some of these people must have a lot of contact on Twitter already. We try to make the pictures the right size so people on social media don’t have to expand the post to see anything. The whole contents of the ad is right in one tweet, as soon as you see it. We’re trying to keep everything simple at Podcasts Reviewed – Our site, our articles and our social media presence.


Sorry this was so long! If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make our site better, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout on social media and we can provide you with an email address for longer correspondence. Again, thank you to everyone who has helped us by placing their eyeballs in the direction of one of our articles and especially those who’ve helped promote our content. This is only the start. Here’s to an awesome month two.


Much love,