Antonopoulos talks Bitcoin in 2015, in great London Real ep!


London Real – Andreas Antonopoulos – In Depth

London Real is hosted by former City banker, turned podcaster, Brian Rose. On his show he interviews all kinds of guests, from former boxing champion Chris Eubank, to futurologist Jaque Fresco,from his studio in London. This episode features Andreas Antonopoulos as a guest. Andreas is a computer scientist and entrepreneur, turned unofficial spokesman for the disruptive online currency Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is a currency that works using a peer to peer network, like the file sharing programs you downloaded songs from in the 2000’s did, but Bitcoin uses the power of a P2P network to check that transactions have gone across the network, rather than to keep songs available for downloading. Because it’s an online currency, a piece of software, it has several advantages over traditional currency. For example, because it’s an online currency it takes a few minutes rather than a few days to transfer money, every Bitcoin has a digital record so they can’t be siphoned away and no one person is in control of the currency so rash decisions about the currency that negatively impact people, can rarely be made. 


In this interview, major topics that Brian and Andreas cover are Andreas’ history in Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s value against the US Dollar, Bitcoin in mainstream media, use cases for Bitcoin, how becoming an unofficial spokesman for Bitcoin has changed Andreas’ life, the Greek banking crisis and Andreas’ idea of how Bitcoin is ultimately a platform upon which other technologies will be built.


The geeky world of computer programs can often seem dull and hard to access, but Andreas Antonopoulos can talk all the specifics and technical details about Bitcoin that you could want, but his passion and enthusiasm for the future of the currency and the movement really shine through. The interview is conducted in London Real’s usual, laid back style and Brian gives Andreas time to expand upon points and being from a fin-tech background, asks thoughtful questions. This is a great place to start if you’d like to know about Bitcoin in 2015 or about Andreas himself. 


Length? 1 hr 41.

Link? The first half of this episode is available for free on YouTube

However the full episode is only available for free as audio. Click HERE for a link!