Bill Burr Talks Conor McGregor, Weight Loss and More!

BillBurrMonday Morning Podcast 13/7/15 – In Depth


Popular standup comedian Bill Burr has hosted his own podcast called the Monday Morning Podcast since 2007 and to be honest, this article could have been about any of his episodes. Bill has his podcast down to a formula and cranks one out every Monday.


If you’ve ever watched any of Bill’s comedy, his mix of self depreciation and hateful yet hilarious rants will be familiar to you. On 13th July ’15’s episode of the Monday Morning Podcast, Bill rambled about mixed martial arts event UFC 189, UFC fighter Conor McGregor, losing weight and exercise, his desire for a 1965 Ford Galaxy and he gave us his usual  update on his beloved Boston Bruins ice hockey team.


Every week, bill takes questions submitted via email, by fans of the podcast and on this episode, questions were about his vegetable garden, what, if anything, annoys him about what his wife watches/listens to and marriage. His wife Nia, also makes a brief appearance, as she sometimes does.


Something rare about the Monday Morning Podcast is that the adverts are one of the funniest parts of every episode. Bill reads his own adverts every week and the result is always hilarious. He does some all-time-great podcast adverts for underwear company MeUndies, in particular. Bill never fails to entertain, making the ordinary, hilarious and no matter when you read this, give this episode or any other of Bill’s a listen.


Length? 1 hr 7.

Link? Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast is an audio only podcast. Click HERE for 13/7/15’s episode!