3 Great Podcasts for Start-Up Business!



Podcasts can be a way to learn all sorts about a particular subject and business is no exception. There are many different business podcasts, but here are 3 great podcasts that might just help you with an aspect of your business, or provide you with that missing something to get the wheels in motion on your idea… Why not search all 3 shows and see if your favourite entrepreneur has been a guest?


1. What is it? This Week in Startups

Why should I listen? Host Jason Calacanis has started companies, sold companies to the likes of AOL and has made successful early-stage investments in other companies, such as Uber. He has on guests from the tech start-up world, who can be anywhere from founders of small companies that Jason thinks are cool, to very successful business people and investors with long-term proven track records. Good episodes that are entertaining as well as informative.

Length? Varies. 1 – 2 hrs/episode.

Link? Youtube – Click HERE.   Audio – Click HERE.


2. What is it? Entrepreneur On Fiire

Why should I listen? Short, motivational business podcast episodes released daily. You may not like host John Lee Dumas’ style, but his enthusiasm and the sheer amount of content he puts out are undeniable. Particularly interesting episodes are the Income Report episodes as the staff of Entrepreneur On Fire talk about exactly how much money they’ve made from the brand and how they’re making that money. Insightful for entrepreneurs and start-up owners or workers.

Length? Around 30 mins/episode.

Link? Entrepreneur on Fire is an audio only podcast. Click HERE for a link!


3. What is it? Seth Godin’s Startup School

Why should I listen? In October 2012, successful entrepreneur and author Seth Godin recorded a 3-day seminar he gave to a small group of startup business entrepreneurs and released excerpts from the 3 days as a 15-episode podcast. Whilst it seems very unlikely that Seth will add any more episodes to the series, he covers many topics that these new entrepreneurs are likely to come across in these short few hours. Great to hear such an established entrepreneur giving his thoughts via podcast!

Length? Around 25 mins/episode.

Link? Seth Godin’s Startup School is an audio only podcast. Click HERE for a link to all episodes.

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