Podcasts of The Month! September 2015

One Friday a month, we publish an article with a few podcast episode recommendations from the previous month, with just a couple of lines about each. There are so many great episodes released every month, that we can’t write articles fast enough! This is one way to stem the flow of awesome episodes flying past under-noticed. Here are our podcasts of the month!

1. What is it? Joe Rogan Experience 698 – Dr Carl Hart.

Why should I listen? Podcasting superstar Joe Rogan has on Dr Carl Hart, a leading researcher in drug abuse and addiction. Dr Hart has some very interesting things to say on these matters and he and Joe have a great conversation.

Length? 2 hrs 21.

Link? Video – 

Audio only – POW!


2. What is it? History on Fire Ep. 1 – The Slave Wars Part 1

Why should I listen? First proper episode of Daniele Bolleli, author, professor and host of the brilliant Drunken Taoist’s new podcast on history. An exciting and interesting look into the first two of the three slave rebellions that took place between groups of Roman slaves and the Roman empire.

Length? 1 hr 56.

Link? This podcast is audio-only. Click HERE for a link.


3. What is it? Fighter and the Kid – Sebastian Maniscalco

Why should I listen? Hilarious comedian Sebastian Maniscalco joins the Fighter and the Kid for one of their funniest episodes in a while!

Length? 1 hr 46.

Link? Video – 

Audio only – POW!