Sex, Drugs and Meditation in Three Great Bertcasts!



The Bertcast is stand-up comedian and TV host Bert Kreischer’s podcast. Bert has guests on his show, from all over the comedy and podcasting worlds, and he’s churned out some really cool episodes. Bert’s podcasts are really raw and unedited, giving them a genuine feel of just being a fly on the wall, listening to Bert and a friend at their most natural. Here are 3 of our favourite Bertcasts!


1. What is it? Bertcast 123   – Felipe Esparza

Why should I listen? Bert is enthralled by guest, comedian Felipe Esparza’s crazy life story. Felipe tells Bert stories about taking just about every illegal substance going, coming up as a comedian in show-business, his friends in the early years of his career and more. An awesome, funny interview where Bert and Felipe’s big personalities really shine through.

Length? 1 hr 48.

Link? Youtube –

Audio version HERE!


2. What is it? Bertcast 124 – Jason Ellis

Why should I listen? Pro skater /MMA fighter/ radio host/ podcaster Jason Ellis joins Bert and the two talk about Jason’s different careers, Jason’s heroin use stories, being drunk at their respective jobs, the story of former MMA champion Chuck Liddell punching Jason on video, Tony Hawk stories, one of Jason’s employers Sirius satellite radio, death and more in this great episode.

Length? 1 hr 34.


Audio version HERE!


3. What is it? Ep. 71 – Duncan Trussell

Why should I listen? Comedian and podcaster Duncan Trussell joins Bert. If you’ve never heard Duncan as a podcast guest before, this is a good place to start! Duncan takes Bert through a guided meditation and the two discuss stress, cool books, personal growth and more. Another episode where Bert and his guest’s unique personalities are on show in a real genuine way. 

Length? 1 hr 35.

Link? Bert’s older episodes were audio only. Click HERE for a link!

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