Chris Ryan Interviews a Different Kinda Guest!


Tangentially Speaking 121 –  Murphy Pelot – In Depth


Tangentially Speaking is a podcast hosted by author and podcaster Chris Ryan, PhD, where he has a real mixed-bag of guests, from a range of backgrounds, talking about a wide range of subjects. This particular episode of Tangentially Speaking is an interview with an unusual, but very interesting guest and it’s definitely worth your time.


This episode’s guest is a 13 year old boy. Although, this is no ‘average’ 13 year old boy. Murphy Pelot is the son of one of Chris’ friends and his level of articulation and insight isn’t common in people a decade older than he is. It’s really enlightening to hear Murphy be able to articulate how life is, for an intelligent 13 year old male, with such grace and perspective. In the interview, Chris and Murphy talk about youth, how time seems to move slower for younger people, problems of being young, how things will be different in years’ time, environmental trouble, human development, education, the benefits of nature as opposed to cities and much more.


The breadth and depth of the content from the podcasting world is one of the reasons why this form of media is so great. Traditional media would never let someone have an hour plus of airtime to interview a 13 year old and it’s episodes like this one, that make podcasting unique. Give this episode of Tangentially Speaking a shot and see what Chris and Murphy have to say!


Length? 1 hr 41.

Link? Tangentially Speaking is an audio-only podcast. Click HERE for a link!   

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