Sam Harris & Dan Carlin Talk North Korea, ISIS & More!


Dan Carlin/Sam Harris Simulcast – In Depth


Dan Carlin, most known for his podcasts Hardcore History and Common Sense and Sam Harris, author, neuroscientist and public speaker, recently hosted a ‘simulcast’ podcast, that went up as both an episode of Dan’s Common Sense podcast and Sam’s podcast, Waking Up. Both Sam and Dan are people who won’t beat around the bush when they want to make a point and will have lots of sources to back up their opinions. Upon hearing this, you might expect this episode to be little more than an argument, given the issues that the two got into. However this was an intense, but civilised debate between two people who are great at putting their points across.


The two talked about criticism of both of them, North Korea, women in Islamic countries,  ISIS and radicalisation, the American confederate flag dispute, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bosnia, special powers that are granted to leaders in times of crisis and much more.


One of the best things about podcasting, in our opinion, is the way that people from anywhere in the world can listen into great thinkers and academics. Many of us who listen to podcasts don’t live in places where entertaining intellectuals are easy to come by and it’s a real treat to listen to Sam and Dan get into some of the most talked-about and trying issues of our time. If you’re interested in hearing some different opinions and longer-form points on current events, then Sam Harris and Dan Carlin are worth checking out in their own right, but this episode is definitely one for you. 


Length? 2 hrs 7

Link? This episode is audio-only. Listen to it on Dan Carlin’s site HERE, or Sam Harris’ site HERE.

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