Joe DeFranco & Rhonda Patrick Talk Effects of Sauna and 5 Best Supplements to Take!


Industrial Strength Show 26 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick – In Depth


The Industrial Strength Show is popular physical performance trainer Joe DeFranco’s podcast. Topics for shows range from how to get swole once you turn 40, to how to avoid shoulder injuries. This episode was an interview with Doctor Rhonda Patrick, a PhD in neuroscience who has previously been a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience, to much acclaim. She knows a staggering amount about a huge range of topics, to do with human performance and Joe and her put together this awesome, knowledge-crammed podcast episode.


Rhonda and Joe go into a few select areas in lot of depth, which is great to listen to. For only being 26 episodes in to his podcasting career at the point of this episode, Joe does an excellent job of cramming his questions into the 90 minute or so interview, whilst going really in-depth to the points he raises with Rhonda. They first talk on the effects of sauna on the human body, combating muscle loss, heat stress, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for over 40’s, Joe and Rhonda then go wonderfully in-depth into what five supplements she believes people should be supplementing with and why and finish the interview with a bit on combating muscle cramp.


This is a great episode, from a great podcast, in the sometimes dodgy world of fitness podcasts. Joe comes with really specific questions he wants to ask and Rhonda gladly provides a plethora of in-depth information, that’s actionable by regular people. This episode of the Industrial Strength Show is structured, detailed, interesting and definitely worth your time, if you’re at all interested in ways to make your body feel better!


Length? 1 hr 46

Link? The Industrial Strength Podcast is an audio-only podcast. Click HERE for a link to this episode!

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