Tim Ferriss Interviews Business A-Listers on Their Success!


3 Awesome Tim Ferriss Show Episodes For Business!


Interested in the world of business? Author, TV show host, investor, etcetera Tim Ferriss is brilliant at producing podcast episodes that ‘break down the learning process’ of people who are leaders in all sorts of fields. Here are 3 great episodes of the Tim Ferriss Show that feature big name guests from the world of business…


1. What is it? Tim Ferriss Show – Peter Thiel

Why should I listen? Peter Thiel was a co-founder of Paypal and since then has made over a billion dollars as an investor. Probably a safe bet to assume he knows a thing or two about business… In this episode, Peter answers questions posed by Tim and his listeners and gives his thoughts on why businesses fail, Bitcoin, trends in business, whether young people should go to university and more in this value-packed 23 minutes. 

Length? 23 mins.

Link? The Tim Ferriss Show is an audio only podcast. Click HERE for a link!


2. What is it? Tim Ferriss Show – Chris Sacca. 

Why should I listen? Hugely successful venture capitalist Chris Sacca joins Tim. Chris’ company Lowercase Capital were early investors in Twitter Uber and .  Tim asks Chris whether he’s devised any rules for investing in companies, his thoughts on the future of venture capital, differences between the New York and San Francisco business communities, if he had any daily routines he followed whilst creating probably the most successful VC fund in history, and more.

Length? 1 hr 36.

Link? Audio only. CLICK!


3. What is it? Tim Ferriss Show – Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis

Why should I listen? Serial Tim Ferriss Show guests Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis talk with Tim about how they’ve managed to have such an impact in the business world and an initiative they’re all involved with – the X Prize foundation. This is more a motivational episode than a practical one, in terms of business advice, but the three talk about talk charity work, the business case for education and access to technology, how learning helps people, their massive aims for the X Prize and the benefits of thinking big. 

Length? 1 hr 8.

Link? Audio only. CLICK!