The Most Downloaded Podcast Episode of All Time – Maron Interviews Obama!


WTF 613 and 614 – President Barack Obama – In Depth

We couldn’t not do an article the most listened to podcast episode of all time… WTF is comedian and TV host Marc Maron’s podcast and with episode 613 of his podcast, he became the first podcaster to do a full-length interview with a sitting US President, when Barack Obama swung by Marc’s garage to record. This episode clocked almost  a million downloads from iTunes in its’ first 24 hours of being available, beating the previous iTunes record, an episode of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.


Episode 613 of WTF starts with an honest opening monologue from, Marc recorded just before the President arrived, talking about his thoughts and feelings and briefly, the preparation that had happened in order for the interview to take place. During the interview Marc and President Obama talked about Pasadena, California (Where Marc currently lives and where the President lived whilst at college), Obama’s college experience, the Charleston church shooting (Which had occurred the day before the episode was recorded), gun control, how things work in Government, what kind of legacy Obama thinks he will leave as President, his cool, calm reputation, the ‘black experience’ of living in 2015 America, his wife and family life and much more.

Length? 1 hr 6.

Link? This episode is audio-only. Click HERE for a link!


The next episode of WTF (614 of course), opens with Marc, minutes after the interview, giving his first impressions of how it went. The interview this episode is with producer for WTF, Brendan McDonald and it was recorded a few hours after the interview with the President. In this episode, Marc and Brendan talk about how the interview with the President came together, how the White House got in touch with them, Marc’s pre-interview nerves, how the President’s entourage and staff moved in and checked Marc’s house before the interview, the minutes leading up to the President’s arrival at Marc’s house, how far Marc, Brendan and the podcast have come and more. This episode also has a cool outro, from Marc, reflecting on things a couple of days after the interview with the President happened.

Length? 1 hr 17.

Link? Audio only. CLICK!