Lee From The Church and Jamie From The JRE Talk The Podcast Industry!


Flying Jew Radio 7 – Jamie Vernon – In Depth

Flying Jew Radio is producer and podcaster Lee Syatt’s podcast. After a couple of years of producing and co-hosting comedian Joey Diaz’ podcast, the Church of What’s Happening Now, Lee now hosts this podcast and has a perhaps surprisingly interesting range of guests, for someone who’s not a traditional ‘celebrity’. Episode 7 of Flying Jew Radio features an insightful interview with Jamie Vernon, the producer of the Joe Rogan Experience.


Since Brian Redban started to do less of the Joe Rogan Experience episodes, Jamie has quietly been a great producer, but much less of a co-host than Redban was, so it’s cool to hear from the man himself on this episode. The podcast opens with an awesome, genuine opening monologue from Lee about working in the podcasting industry. Then in the interview, Jamie and Lee talk on topics like working with Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz, Jamie’s photography, challenges of people trying to get to Joe and Joey through them both, the future of the Joe Rogan Experience and the Church of What’s Happening Now, pluses and minuses of working in the podcasting industry and being startstruck around famous people. They then give advice on starting a podcast.


This episode offers a really interesting, behind-the-scenes insight into working in podcasting in 2015 and it’s an entertaining discussion between Lee and Jamie. On hearing poor Lee, high AF on the Church, you may think that his podcast might be one to miss. At least give this episode a chance. Lee does an excellent job, for someone at this point, only 7 episodes in to his first solo podcast.


Length? 2 hrs 4.

Link? Flying Jew Radio is an audio only podcast. Click HERE for a link to this episode!

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