3 of the Best Fighter and The Kid Opening Songs!



A long time ago (Months, maybe a year), before it was the success it is today, the Fighter and the Kid didn’t open with a pre-recorded opening song. The podcasting sensation, starring comedian and actor Bryan Callen and UFC fighter Brendan Schaub, used to open up with a different tune, sung by Bryan himself, every episode. Here are three of our favourite Bryan Callen Fighter and the Kid opening songs…


1. What is it? Wanderlei and Chael song, episode ‘Brendan and Bryan get ready for a UFC Easter’

Why should I listen? Bryan gives you not one, but two songs expressing his love for now-retired UFC star Chael Sonnen, when he was scheduled to compete against Wanderlei Silva. Apparently he’s ‘handsome as shit’…



2. What is it? Bryan’s kid & wife song, episode ‘Brendan and Bryan talk Mayweather and Beiber’.

Why should I listen? Bryan tells you about one very unproductive day in his life.



3. What is it? Matt Brown song, episode ‘Brendan and Bryan get Catfished’.

Why should I listen? Bryan gives an ode to gritty UFC fighter Matt Brown. Again, in slightly homosexual fashion.



Oh, and if you’re wondering whether Bryan cares about your opinion of his singing, he addresses that in the opening song below…